This Blinding Light, Brett Netson & Snakes, Shitty Person, Bill Horist

High Dive, 513 N 36th St, , Seattle, Washington 98103

This Blinding Light / Snakes/Brett Netson Band / Shitty Person / Bill Horist at High Dive, Seattle

$6 advance / $8 day of show Get tickets:

THIS BLINDING LIGHT is: love. light. space. time. Members of Hypatia Lake, Tokyoidaho SNAKES is: Brett Netson of Caustic Resin and Built to Spill SHITTY PERSON is a Judgemental Desert-Emo-Heroin-Rock Project Featuring Members of Lesbian (the band), Master musicians of bukkake, Fungal Abyss BILL HORIST is: Listen. Melt. Return. Listen. Melt. Return. Listen.

By paying the $6 advance ticket price you have perpetuated the additional opportunity to invest your savings in the materials necessary for the construction of the tinfoil antennae apparatus explicitly recommended by the alien overlords who have secured the channels of transmission on the night of Monday, February the 8th via the audio output mediums expressed by This Blinding Light, Brett Netson & Snakes, Shitty Person, and Bill Horist. In terms of absolute economy, it's a steal.